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Dear Friend,


hen it comes to dating women who are younger than you, which of the following do you find yourself saying? (Check the ones that apply to you.)

   "We have nothing in common, would she think I'm too old, too boring?"
  " Should I be more outgoing or should I give her more sophistication? "
  "Will she leave me for someone younger?"
 "Should I be acting, dressing, being more "hip" just so she feels more "connected" to me?"
"Why isn't she responding? What am I doing wrong?"
 "Will she think of me as an icky, old pervert? "
"If only I could understand younger women...."

      If you checked one or more of the above...

"You're Not Alone."

      In fact, most men -- wanting to date women who are 5, 10, 20 or even 30 years younger than them -- have asked the same exact questions.

      The reality is that these situations happen ALL THE TIME… and all too often guys end up missing out on opportunities with women because they just don’t know what to do.

       For 90% of men, the "dream" of having young, beautiful, hot women as their girlfriends; their sexy, slender figures, smooth, soft skin...

      The fun, spontaneous energy and youthful vibes they bring to the relationship...

      Their soaring sex drives, fueled by their relentless and intense cravings for wild, passionate sex each day...

      ... Often makes younger women extremely hard to resist.

      I mean, how can anyone say "NO!" to these women??!!

      I know I bloody well can't, can you?

      Here's the bottom line: These women frequently brings out the best in a man as they inevitably make you feel younger, more vital, more focused; brimming with confidence and attracting even more "success" as you pursue other goals in life and achieving total personal fulfillment along the way.

      The PERFECT partner.


Once Men Reach A Certain Age, They Start "Losing Hope" On Younger Women... It Becomes A Fantasy, NOT A Possibility.

      Their mind starts playing "tricks" on them:

      They suddenly think they're "too old." They'll feel strange, uncomfortable... weird even. And as much as they try to ignore it, there's always that constant nagging, lingering feeling that "something's just not right." Maybe they feel they're not "hip" or "cool" enough to keep up and date these sweet young things.

      Maybe they're afraid of not knowing how to deal with the "generation gap", they aren't exactly sure of how to emotionally connect with someone who's completely out of their age-group...

      So they end up making their own assumptions and excuses, classifying these women as mere fantasies... "untouchables", pigeon-holing them as women who's "out of their league."

       Now... have YOU ever felt the same way too?

      It's ok, I won't tell... :-)

      But here's the kicker: Did you know that...

Younger Women Are Much  More Likely To Feel Attraction For Older Men?

      Numerous scientific studies have clearly and unmistakably shown that:

  • Women are universally attracted to men who are older than them, and that the "average" relationship contains a man that is four years older than the woman.
  • For men who marry for the SECOND time, it's usually with women who are averagely 10 (yes, ten!) years younger.
  • But be VERY clear on this... women in their 20's and 30's are way pickier and much more conscious of age gaps. There are specific rules: do's and don'ts to follow religiously for men who are 10 years older or more that wish to get them.

What This Means To YOU...

      Is that as an older man, by virtue of your age, you have within you, a sleeping "giant", an unassuming raw power to make a younger woman fall deeply for  you, influence her to your way of thinking, bring her to her knees -- and fulfill your every fantasy and desire!

      It's true! It's not as complicated as most guys make it to be. And the best part is that you can do it easily and effortlessly by being yourself -- and NOT shaping yourself into someone you're not... just to keep her interested.

      But before I go any further, allow me to share with you...

The BIGGEST Mistakes Guys Make With Women Younger Than Them...

      Here's the hidden key to reeling them in: Younger women want to be enraptured by a man. They may not admit it openly, but they want to be lured, finessed, bewitched, possessed and seduced by a man -- and they don't mind surrendering to his siren maneuverings and be rendered powerless by him. A woman would gladly give anything to a man who is "in control".

      Deep down, they are fascinated with a man who can lead, teach them new things and show them new things. They are DYING to be with a man who knows his way around women: a man who knows how to treat a lady, who knows exactly what to say and do... at the RIGHT TIME.

Unfortunately, the "stuff" they normally do to ‘convince’ a younger woman to like him back actually end up pushing her further away... even though it seems like the right thing to do at the time!

      Most guys just blow it; they become too "nice", too eager, too fast, too aggressive at the WRONG times.  What's worst is that a BIG majority of men still have the mistaken notion that splashing out on fancy dinners, expensive gifts, holidays, showing how "rich" and "powerful" they are; basically any act of impressing her with wealth and status would do the trick.

      ... And they keep wondering why they aren't getting any at the end of the day!

Most Guys Are Clueless With What These Women Want...

       Put a young, alluring, sexy woman in a guys house on his couch, he won't know the FIRST THING about how to make her feel ATTRACTION for him. He'll do things to please her, hoping at some point she'll suddenly "feel it", begin to get "into the mood"... and then somehow lets him know.

      It NEVER happens.

      I've found that the reason men have these concerns is because they simply don't understand these women. They just don't "get it"

      They DON'T know how to take action ... and DON'T understand the core qualities they need to "send out" in order to make younger women feel ATTRACTION for them.

Now, Before We Get Started There’s Something
Very Important That You Need To See...

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How To Be The Man Younger Women Adore... And Never Want To Leave

Have you ever met the kind of guy who...

  • Profusely dates women HALF his age, rotating them one by one, and still have them happily clinging on to him and does exactly what he says?
  • Has endless streams of beautiful women falling for him and wants to be with him all the time?
  • Women gladly pleases and does practically ANYTHING for?
  • Can easily bring out the romantic, passionate and WILD side of a woman when she's usually cold and aloof?

      What special quality, trait, or personality does he have that these women find attractive and draws them in like a magnet, makes them putty, powerless in his hands, and makes them offer their bodies, minds and soul to him?

      I've personally met many guys like this -- and here's the startling observation I've made: These men are not necessarily the most handsome, the richest, tallest, the most influential or the most powerful, as one might think!

      How'd they do it?

      This is often a guy  who clearly is in control of himself and his environment, and very aware of how to treat a woman... how to make her feel good... how to take his time.

      He simply knew the "secret" to creating magic with younger women. And here's the good news for you, the ability to create "magic" with them is NOT really magic at all. It’s a skill which can be learned by anyone -- and that includes you!

      BUT... understand that there's so much more to making a younger woman feel attraction for an older man than meets the eye. Because...

Getting A Younger Woman Is PURE Mental Sorcery

      Hi, my name is Dean Cortez, author of the nation's #1 best-selling seduction book: M.A.C.K. Tactics. Yes, that book; the same one that jump-started what you see now as a new breed of ladies men, ultra-smooth "women-charmers", as thousands around the world began to look inside themselves, harnessed their inner masculine power, and unleashed the "Mack" that I always believed was inside of every man.

      As it turns out, I’ve wanted to create a course on dating younger women for a long time.

      This was the perfect excuse to do it…

      So I dug deep into my brains and slogged it out to create the ultimate program SOLELY for guys who want to meet and build relationships with younger women. The good news is that I've already gone through all of the “trial and error”… and before long, I’ve developed a MASSIVE arsenal of techniques, methods...

Shortcuts For Every Situation You Will Ever Find Yourself In With These Women...

      That just about GUARANTEES that things will end up exactly how YOU want them to… every time.

      The really great thing is that you can learn them FAST… and start using them as soon as you do.

      But it didn't stop there either.


      I decided that if I was going to create a program on dating younger women, I was going to pull out all the stops and make this the final word on this subject. I wanted it to be the most advanced, step-by-step "system" for meeting, dating and seducing younger women ever created or revealed by anyone.

      ... And that's the reason why I've tirelessly spent the last 13 months hunting down, begging and coaxing...

"An Explosive  Team Many Consider To Be The Super-Elite, “Masters” Of Women & Dating & On The Planet – All 14 Of Them To Teach YOU Exactly How They Do It!"

      These are the 'top guns' in the industry who consistently charge multiple thousands of dollars per seat at their international sold-out seminars... but they gladly gave up their finest secrets here!

      Maybe you've seen or heard of:

#1: David Wygant

David has appeared on E! Entertainment Television, FoxNews, Dateline NBC, CBS News, ABC News, MTV and on over 2,000 radio shows.

He has been featured & quoted in over 100 magazine and newspaper articles including in Cosmopolitan, Men's Health, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, USA Today, and The Los Angeles Times.

#2: Mehow

Ex In-Field Coach for the world's most famous "pickup artist": Mystery, Mehow is a part of the much talked bout "Project Miami" where he lives alongside famed pickup gurus Lovedrop, Matador, and Sundowner.

#3: Scot Mckay

Scot is well-known for his monumental "deserving what you want" and "character-based" concepts, "Virtuosity" program and has multiple top-ranked dating podcasts on iTunes.

#4: Dr Paul

Dr Paul is a frequent teacher to the gurus: David DeAngelo, Neil Strauss, Mystery and  adding science and professionalism to the men's community training programs at every opportunity.

He has also been a contributing expert for CNN, Fox News, NBC, CBS, and been featured in the magazines Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Men's Fitness, and Blender.

#5: Brent Smith

Brent is known for being the one who first helped David DeAngelo (creator of the massively popular "Double Your Dating" Series) "see the light", put everything together and taught him many of the concepts within his series of of products and materials.

#6: Carlos Xuma

Carlos has been a featured advisor and author on ABC Television - "View from the Bay", CBS Television,
European TV, The Allen Handelman "Rock Talk" Radio Show, Maxim Radio, Utopia Radio, WorldTalk Radio Single Again, Cliff's List, Dating Class, Summum Magazine (The French Canadian "Maxim"), Focus News
Fast Seduction 101

#7: Sean Stephenson

Sean has appeared in dozens of media outlets including Oprah, CNN, The Discovery Health Channel, WGN, CBS News, The New York Times and The Jimmy Kimmel show.  

His life story has inspired millions of people around the world, including Tony Robbins (whom he has shared the speaking stage with) and President Bill Clinton.

#8: Savoy

Ex-president of the Mystery Method Corporation, which rocketed pickup guru "Mystery" to international fame.

He is currently the President and CEO of Love Systems Corporation and the author of Magic Bullets, one of the great bibles of dating science and social dynamics.

#9: Nico Simon Princely

Leading expert on sexual technique who has helped thousands of men and women across the globe improve their sex lives with his books: "The Penis of Steel Manual: Supercharged Sexual Performance" and "The FE Manual: A guide to G-Spot Orgasms and Female Ejaculation."

#10: R Don Steele

Considered a living legend: His hard-nosed, no-excuses approach towards dating and being a true Alpha Male has led him to appear on Montel Williams, Jenny Jones, To Tell The Truth, A&E's Love Connection Series, The X Show and many other Los Angeles-area TV shows.

He has done over 400 radio interviews since 1987.

#11: Steve "The Dean" Williams

As a regular Date Coach and Relationship Advisor on FM102.7 CFRO station, Steve believes that you're never too young or too old to learn. As of today, his Dating4men's podcast show has listeners in 60+ countries worldwide.

#12: Vin DiCarlo

Popularly known for his "DiCarlo DiClassified" concepts, he has been featured Playboy, Double Your Dating Interview With The Dating Gurus, Sirius Satellite Radio, Game On, CBS, and Pickup Podcast.

#13: Dimitri Vorontzov

Unlike the rest of his other "showy" counterparts, he is one who shuns away from the spotlight, preferring to let his actions do ALL his talks.

Dimitri rarely speaks openly about his escapades with women but when he does, EVERYONE listens.  This "man of mystery" currently ONLY gives private instruction in courtship to selected students.

#14: Eric Disco

Ex-head instructor for Pickup 101, one of the oldest, most respected companies in the industry,.

His writings, probing podcasts with dating gurus, and in-person coaching, Eric has been an inspiration for men in finding their true inner confidence.

      These guys have been out perfecting this stuff for YEARS… and they’ve narrowed down what works into an easy to follow, systematic, step-by-step program that ANYONE can follow.

      I practically ‘forced’ each and every one of them to deliver a rapid-fire swarm of their latest, cutting-edge techniques, ideas, insights, strategies and female attraction tricks they know of for instant success with women, holding nothing back.

      Nothing censored, water down, filtered, sugar coated or fluffed up.

      And now is your chance to see them as they do it, right before your very eyes!

The ONLY Way To Fast-Track Your Success With Younger Women -- Without Years Of Hassles And Frustration...


      Until now, there has been nowhere to go in order to learn how to approach, date and successfully "seal the deal" with younger women.

      You either had it, or you didn’t (or you were hard-headed like me, and spent many frustrating years of your life, blowing thousands in expensive, "fruit-less" dates figuring it out for yourself).

       It can take many years, and A LOT of hard work… and it’s all too easy to fall off track and have to start all over again. Believe me… I know.

      The fantastic news it, now there IS a place you can learn these concepts, theories, and skills… and what's even better is that you can learn it all right from the comfort of your own home.

      It's called “Secrets to Dating Younger Women”, and I’d like to tell you about it…

      First off, this program is the very first of its kind. It’s designed to help men overcome the same "issues" that guys often face as their pursuing younger women... I'm talking about:

  • Where to start: The blueprint and step-by-step action plan for finding, meeting and dating a young, beautiful, top-quality woman,  destroy the "age gap" and get her to choose YOU over any other guy that tries to compete for her attention.
  • The 5 secrets to CONSCIOUSLY design and live out your "dream life" (whether it be dating multiple high quality women or just having your perfect life with your perfect girl, it works the same and I'll show you how)
  • The 15 ways to "flirt" with women (in their 20s and early 30s) and communicate with them in a way that makes them feel ATTRACTION for you… while avoiding the response of "Eeeew! This old pervert only wants to get into my pants" that so many guys get from women
  • How to start and keep a conversation going with a younger woman you're interested in (even if you have nothing in common)… and how to use that conversation to actually subtly spark "chemistry" and get her to feel sexual "tension" right from the very beginning.
  • A step-by-step detailed plan on how to walk up to ANY woman who looks "off limits" (I'm talking about the GORGEOUS, highly "in demand" supermodel type) get her number or email and have her desperately EAGER to contact YOU the following day
  • The 7 specific steps to create intimacy with a woman you really like (You'll learn how to avoid the common blocks that stop most men from forming a deep connection with a woman so you effortlessly build a foundation for a great relationship)
  • How to develop instant rapport with a woman (who is 10 years younger or more) quickly, so it feels natural for her to be around you. (this isn’t about a rapport “technique” - this is about how to REALLY connect with a woman on a deep level)
  • How to avoid that feeling that you're "risking everything" if you ask a younger woman out, try to kiss her, or try to "get physical" with her. (I’ve seen guys in their 50’s use this tactic to consistently "seal the deal" with ladies in their 20’s and 30’s, no joke)
  • How to figure out a what excites her, her passions and  exactly what her "boyfriend profile" is (remember: these are women who were born from a TOTALLY different era from you) - then show her that YOU possess that quality
  • Ever secretly want to have SEVERAL women competing over you... all at the same time? (you'll learn how to do it from the featured field reports)
  • The secrets of a managing and MAINTAINING a fulfilling and loving relationship with a woman younger than you (you will encounter a myriad of "roadblocks" ahead and you'll learn about the 9 rules you MUST follow to keep BOTH OF YOU from screwing it up)
  • ... and that's just for starters!

"You'll Learn From The Best-Of-The-Best: REAL PROS Who Are Actually Out There DOING It, Not Just Talking About It"

     This is a GIGANTIC program jam-packed with the main manual (over 230+ pages!) and 11+ hours of CD-audio recordings with not, 1, not 5, but 14 of the most respected and charismatic dating coaches in the world!

      Here's a partial sample of the breakthrough techniques you'll learn in this program:

  • The 3 biggest insecurities younger women have around sex… and how to make a woman feel totally comfortable and excited about having sex with YOU (instead of having that icky feeling she's sleeping with a sleazy old man no woman wants).
  • Your biggest "advantage" over those younger guys who are competing for her affections is your AGE and MATURITY… and I’ll show you how to use this to build up intense feelings of sexual tension with a woman inside and outside the bedroom… and then give her a mind-blowing experience she will remember FOREVER
  • The 8 BIGGEST mistakes older men that instantly TURNS WOMEN OFF, and makes a woman nervous about being "together" with you (You will cringe when you hear it because you’ve probably made these mistakes yourself)
  • How to "impress" let a woman know that YOU know more about her body than SHE does… and make her want you to PROVE IT to you (This method is killer as she'll learn to respect and give herself ENTIRELY to you)
  • The 6 things you should do when a woman says “You're too old for me” that turns the tables and gets her to BEG you to keep going (the best part is that they'll silently want you EVEN MORE when you do this…)
  • How to replace the “Boy Psychology” that controls your actions with “Man Psychology”… so you're stay congruent with what REAL MEN are like without even thinking about it (whether it's passing small 'test' remarks she throws at you, or playing mind games, you'll learn how to INSTINCTIVELY do the best thing)
  • The 3 elements of a mature and powerful masculine self image, and how to develop them (The key to charisma and charm is in these 3 things… and you'll learn how to develop them in DAYS, not years…). When you know these, attracting younger women will be a piece of cake!
  • How to use the little-known "POI" triangle technique to leverage on HER friends to "sell" YOURSELF to her with little or NO effort on your part  (this one trick alone is worth the price of the entire program!)
  • The 5 biggest mistake guys make to KILL their chances of being seen as “relationship material” with a woman at the VERY BEGINNING and end up helpless as her ‘friend’ (here you’ll learn exactly how to OVERCOME it and make her want YOU as her boyfriend).
  • An ingenious 5-step "date formula” that GUARANTEES a woman a sensual, "sexy" time with you (Most guys mess this up and never end up seeing the girl again…)
  • There are only 6 reasons why younger women will sometimes have “one night stands” and sleep with a man quickly (Once you know them, you can use these secrets to get a woman into bed the same night you meet her)
  • ... and much more!

      You are going to get ideas and examples for every single situation you will ever find yourself in with a younger woman. Packed to the brim with the meanest, most cutting-edge material on you'll ever see, what you'll uncover will easily put you LIGHT YEARS ahead of the game.

      To the point where you can...

Instantly Capture The Attention Of ANY Younger Woman & Arouse Her Sexual Desires On A PRIMAL Level!

      This is not a joke, a scam, or any type of exaggeration.

     By now you should know that women don’t make decisions based on LOGIC. No way.

      Women make decisions based on their hidden emotional drives and desires… and then they RATIONALIZE them with their logical mind.

      And that’s where the skill of putting yourself in THEIR shoes, learning to think and FEEL like a them now comes into play. Once you’re in their “emotional and mental state”, the "ah-ha!" moment you've been desperately searching for all this while will come to you ALMOST INSTANTLY.

      In the Secrets To Dating Younger Women program, I’m going to walk you through a set of simple, step-by-step exercises that will allow you to master this particular skill and then start USING it to create a smooth, seductive, IRRESISTIBLE charm no woman can resist...

"You'll ALSO Get SIX  Of The Best Bonus Packages I've Ever Offered... (Valued At $318.75 But Yours FREE!)"

      As part of the launch celebration for the Dating Younger Women Home Study course, I’m going to be offering the best bonus package that I’ve EVER give out.

       This package will give you the ULTIMATE, most holistic, most comprehensive and complete female insights available
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Bonus #1:

"How To Penetrate DEEP Into The Hearts Of Super-Elite “High Status” Women: Bad Boy Style!” (Value:$59.95)
      Basic attraction techniques will BLOW IN YOUR FACE if you use them on "High Status Females"! (the 9s and 10s: super-model, dancer, actress, rich and exotic ones). First off, understand that their "lives" are different. They have it extremely easy.

      Because of their beauty, they are constantly given what they want.

      That's why so many beautiful women seem like spoiled brats: they are spoiled brats, and they have no frustration tolerance. In fact, a high status woman will be pissed mad if there's something that she can't have... And if you can show a woman that you are that "something" that she cannot get -- and that, perhaps, she can't have you -- she'll find herself working harder... and harder... AND harder to woo YOU.

       That's one of the reasons why a hot woman will throw herself at a "bad-ass, bad boy" who is completely "wrong" for her. She thinks she can't have him, and she can't stand there being something that she can't have.

      She can't have him, it kills her, and makes her feel she must have him... whatever the cost.

      In other words: These penetrating insights are going to shock and surprise you ... and arm you with a ton of information about what the girls want, and how to give them what they NEED sexually.

Bonus #2:

"Body Language & Physiology Secrets: The Silent Killer... Revealed!"  (Value:$69.95)
      Did you know?: Just by the way you behave upon first meeting a woman you like, you become an OPEN BOOK.

      All of your insecurities, all of your emotional challenges, and all of your greatest fears will materialize… and there’s nothing you can do about it.

      The interesting part?:

      In the first few seconds alone, a woman usually makes A LOT of judgments. Everything from how much money you make, to how well you take care of yourself, to how good of a father you’d make, to how good you are in bed.


       A few seconds.

      ... And they are usually RIGHT ON in their guesses! The way you hold yourself, make gestures, breathe, use eye contact… and the patterns of combinations of these things… tell a woman everything about you.

      Fact is: If you don’t understand how to communicate using BODY LANGUAGE ALONE… there is no possible way you’ll be able to create attraction.

      Put another way: Body language IS the natural language of attraction. And you MUST learn how to use it.

      I would prefer that you listen to the contents of this CD (all 60 minutes of it!) in the privacy of your home, because it’s something that I consider to be very personal.

Bonus #3:

"Advanced Game: How To Break Down, Draw & Seduce ANY Woman... Fast!" -- Zan Perrion (Value:$49.95)

      An internationally acclaimed writer and speaker, Zan Perrion is famous for his ability to inform and inspire audiences toward excellence in all aspects of life.

      He is synonymous with a natural and enlightened form of interaction between men and women...the ars amorata, or "the art of love."

      Zan's seminars and events sell out immediately and have garnered sterling reviews in every city they have been held, including Montreal, Toronto, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, London, Panama, Tokyo, and Cape Town, to name a few.

      Neil Strauss (the world's most famous Pick Up Artist) devoted an entire chapter to him in his #1 New York Times bestseller The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists, calling him... "the undisputed heavyweight of the genre... in four years, he never once asked for advice, he only gave it."

      David DeAngelo (of the popular Double Your Dating Series) has called Zan "an example of a true natural". Heck, even Mystery (of VH1's The Pickup Artist) has publicly confessed, "I want to be like Zan!"

      Here, HE BARES ALL! His dirty little techniques, methods, and shortcuts for every situation you will ever find yourself in with a woman. You’ll be floored by the simplicity and power of what he shared… because I've seen guys who eventually spend the rest of their lives using them to meet and date the women they want!

Bonus #4:

Same Night Lays - "Rogue's Guide To Sleeping With ANY Girl In 24 Hours!" (Value:$49.95)
"If you want to get the girl, sleep with her as quickly as you can"

Advanced pick-up artists SWEAR by this rule. They know that "timeline" is extremely important in getting a same night lay (SNL).

If you previously thought that one-night-stands are all about "luck" than anything else, you'll be boggled by the time you're finished with the grandmasters black book.

Here, you'll learn directly from SNL guru Adonis a.k.a. "Charming Rogue".


This dawg eats, sleeps & breathes one night stands. His split-second strikes on women he meets out in the field are legendary.

      Mastering SNLs, it's not easy, but follow his "rules" and I'll bet you my shirt you'll be screwing your balls out night after night, after night… for as long as you want.

      Yup, don't tell him I told you, but he's got his shi*t down.

Bonus #5:

"Video Tutorial : Q&A - How to Make Women Say YES To Your Every Request... Tackling The Trickiest Situations (Value:$69.00)
      Things can get super "tricky" out in the real-world with women… and that's exactly why I've chosen the most difficult situations guys go through, tore them apart and showed how you can easily turn the tables and get those "problems" working FOR you.

      Watch it -- You'll relate better, faster than any book will ever teach you as you'll see how theories are applied, played with and messed about in accelerated, advanced game with women.

      I know of no other more effective way for you to "get it" and have these concepts ingrained in your brain.


Bonus #6:

""Unlimited Access To Our Bullet-Proof Seduction Private Access Club For 1 Full Month!" (Value:$19.95)"
      That’s not a misprint, it's not a typo and it’s not a joke.

     You'll also have 1-month full and unlimited access to my Bullet-Proof Seduction Private Access Club. You'll have free access to everything when you come onboard with us... from streaming audio sessions, to ScreenCam trainings, videos, interactive outlines, and more!

     And if after 30-days, you agree that my Private Access Club is everything you need and more to carefully support, guide and bring your success with women and dating to the next level, you will be charged $19.95 every month.

      But If you're not completely THRILLED with this, for any reason... just cancel anytime and you won't be billed a dime after that.



There Are NO Impossible Situations...

      Now, what I have noticed in helping so many folks, is that there are UNDERLYING REASONS and MOTIVES as to why most guys fail with women who are younger…that lay hidden from sight of most people…

      And once you know and UNDERSTAND and are given just a little guidance on what to do and when to do it…it is like being handed the "recipe" for love if you will…

      Because not only will you be finally be able to get yourself that hot, sensual and sexually charged woman you've always longed for, you also will be much better equipped to KEEP THEM long, looong into the future…

      You’ll notice some very interesting things begin to happen in your life…

      The women that you meet will all-of-a-sudden become VERY interested in getting know you… even to the point of pursuing you … just to find out what you’re all about.

Here's What You Get:


  • A 230+ pages Secrets to Dating Younger Women manual
  • Over 11 hours+ of professionally CD-digital recorded materials from the Dating Gurus
  • Penetrating Into "High Status Women" -- Bad Boy Style!: A 55+ pages book
  • Body Language & Physiology Secrets -- The Silent Killer... Revealed!: 60-minute CD personal coaching
  • CD Digital recording of Zan
  • Bonus audio recording and PDF journal on Same Night Lays (SNLs)
  • Insider Internet Dating: Meet Women Online Fast... The Guaranteed Way! (Surprise Bonus Giveaway!)

What's The Price For An Amazing  Program Like This?

      Good question. Normally I won't even "think" of getting out of bed to consult clients for anything less than $2500.00 per session.

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