“They Grinned When I First Entered The Club..."

...But When I Used My "Secret Techniques", Left With The TWO Of The Night's Headlining Strippers & Got Them Into My Bed For FREE, That's When I Became The Infamous, Notorious... Strip Club King!

Dear Friend,


ave you ever been to a strip club and wondered:

  • How to get those sexy, gorgeous women fantasizing about having sex with you within minutes and getting them into your bed without paying a red cent for it?
  • How to project an "aura" that makes you STAND OUT, get a dancer turned on and gladly "surrender" herself to you for the night?
  • Exactly how strip clubs operate, how strippers make money, the optimal times for you to visit -- and how to get them to meet you after their shift?
  • How to get any dancer to stop seeing you as a walking cash register and instantly consider you as a sexually attractive, potential lover.
  • Where strippers hang out when they're not working, and how to pick them up for lays and date them in these other environments?
  • What a dancer's boyfriend profile is like and how you can quickly fit that mold and have dancers fighting with each other to be your girlfriend?

      Some guys think they'll get some action if they spend enough money. So they buy lap dance after lap dance, throw money onstage -- or even bring gifts for their favorite dancer! (Swear to God, true story!)

      The truth hurts:

      Fact is.. the things guys normally try to do to ‘convince’ these women to like them back actually end up pushing them further away... even though it seems like the right thing to do at the time!

      ... And if you want to unlock the mysteries of strip clubs (or gentleman's club) and attract super-hot dancers any night you want without getting hustled in any way or form, then this could be the most important message you will ever read! 

Now, Before We Get Started There’s Something
Very Important That You Need To See...

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I Used To Be Just Like YOU...

      Hello, I'm Dean Cortez, and I'm a fairly average guy. I'm not afraid to admit that I used to be extremely insecure of my ability to meet women, date and make them happy.


      Because like most men, I had NO IDEA on how to meet women or get dates; and because women didn't come with an instructional manual - I had no idea what I was doing!

      But that all changed when...

I Met "The Pimp-Meister"...

      I don't know about you, but there's nothing I love more than chilling out, kicking back with my buddies at strip clubs and blowing off steam after a long days' work... No deadlines to meet, no stressful "issues of life" to deal with, no nagging bosses to annoy me... nothing.

      Total brain freeze. 

      Just heart-stopping, rockin' good music, sizzling hot women wearing nothing but lacy bikini tops and G-strings; voluptuous boobies, round, pointy asses with cold, chilled beer to hang back and relax. What more can a guy ask for?

      ... And with these beautiful women doing all they can to tease and seduce you at every available opportunity... how could any normal, sane guy resist?

      But dang! No matter what I did, I could never score with any of them... not a single one!

      I'd easily  blow hundreds, sometimes thousands on drinks and lap dances and still... ZERO action.


      Of course, occasionally, I'd get a number, but they always turned out to be disconnected (or they never existed in the first place).

It Frustrated The Hell Outta Me...

      .... to the point it quickly became an obsession!

      It was then that I became fanatical in my search for more "cutting edge" ways to pick these babes up and be the one they fight and competes over for sex. I want to be the "man" with the hottest exotic "babes".

      In short: I wanted to be a freakin' PLAYER.

      Unfortunately, everything I found on the subject was either totally bunk or completely outdated and useless.

      I'm sure you know EXACTLY what I mean. One look around the internet and you'll find 99% of the "stripper/dancer pick up" advice out there is complete crap.

But the knowledge I eventually stumbled onto scared me to death...

Here's What Happened...

      I was at this awesome lil' strip club in downtown Los Angeles one night doing the normal deal; hanging out with my buddies, checking them women shaking their booty and secretly looking to meet a woman I could take home and try to pleasure.

      And that's when I saw him...

      There was a short, pasty-white man with a pot-belly and thinning hair walking through the club with no less than THREE drop-dead gorgeous dancers hanging all over him. Seriously, these girls were trying their hardest to get his attention - even though they were already with him!

      My natural thought then was "he must be some rich dude"... because no man who looked like that could ever get three dancers that hot to compete for his affections any other way.

       I watched to see whether he was quietly feeding them cash for their "services".

      ... and guess what?

Not A Single Dollar.

      Nada. Zilch. None.

      But let me tell you, these strippers were ALL OVER HIM. Teasing his crotch with their long slender fingers, rubbing their tits on his face, wiggling their asses for him to spank, sucking his nipples like tasty popsicles; basically begging him to take them home and wear them out like the pair of socks on your feet.

      What the HELL is going on?

      So figuring he had more women than he knew what to do with, I approached one of the women he was with, thinking I could steal her away...

      She stared blankly, gave the "bitch look", ignored me and walked off... just like that!

      Talk about being shot down... bad. Still I chased after her, but this time I pulled her to a corner and asked, "what's with him that makes him so special?", and her answer shocked me. "He get's it, and no man could ever do to me the things he can!"

      At this point, I was hooked.

I HAD To Find Out...

      what this man knew that was driving these women so crazy.

      So I walked up to him and introduced myself. He greeted me enthusiastically, seemingly relieved to have a break from the three women buzzing around him, and we got to talking.

      It turns out that not only was he pretty average looking, but he was also almost COMPLETELY broke! He was attending graduate school and living off of student loans.

      This meant that each woman was there because they were OBSESSED with him!

      So I cut to the chase.

      I begged him to tell me his secret.

      I promised him I'd do ANYTHING for them.

      He was obviously reluctant at first, but he saw how persistent I was, he knew I was DEAD SERIOUS to know, so he looked down, shakes his head and

Whispered The 3 "Magic" Words...

      He told me one (just ONE) technique he uses called the "CR Tech" on these dancers in our quick 5-minute conversation that left me completely awed and dazzled. "Try it..."

      I didn't know what to say and I didn't quite believe him either. The stuff he told me just didn't make sense at all. It couldn't work! I'd studied every book on the subject, and nowhere did I find ANYTHING remotely like it.

      Skeptical, I went ahead and followed exactly what he said.

      I saw my target, and used the "CR Tech" on her. It was one of the most AMAZING feelings ever, within an instant, her eyes lighted up, her faced flushed red, total transformation and within the next 15 minutes, she was "mine".

      To my surprise, I ended up taking home TWO of the hottest headlining strippers that night and had one of the craziest, most out-of-this-world  sexual escapades ever. (Sex with these types of women are something you'll never forget for LIFE!)

It Was Like Cocaine...

      Ever since that riot of a night, since I had a taste of that "power" over these women, I was "possessed" with learning more!

      I immediately called him up and told him what happened, he laughed proudly; and I then begged him to teach me EVERYTHING!

      Long story short, we became good friends, and I practically sucked every last piece of knowledge I could from him whenever we were out chilling together.

      Life went on as usual after that, when suddenly...


      One night, he said... "Here, take this..."

      At first glance, it was a little small book, dark navy blue in color, with rough "doggy-edged ears" on it's 4 corners...

      "Everything I know; every last piece of "technique" I know to get these chicks, I've got it down here... I don't think I need it anymore," he laughed, said nothing and quickly walked off with the women in his arms.

      I pulled out the book and started flipping through it.

      It was indeed his "bible"; his private journal, the only one of it's kind IN THE  WORLD... and I'm in the midst of getting it internationally trademarked with him... I consider it that valuable.


      Because in all my studies, I have not found the information The Pimp-Meister shared with me that night in ANY books, videos, or audio courses -- anywhere.

      This was all stuff he discovered and developed on his own, and I was the only one he'd ever shared it with!

Until Now.

      He is obviously a VERY secretive man who doesn't want his "black book" to be leaked out onto the public eye.

      Why would he?

      Truth is, he stuck to his guns and INSISTED I kept it between him and me... but after MONTHS of non-stop coaxing & begging, I finally managed to get him to share this information with the world, but only if I:

1. Paid him a small fortune (which I did, but it's already come back to me in spades).

2. Promised NEVER reveal his true identity. (no name was mentioned throughout the entire book)

3. Tell his story exactly the way it is - no glorified sugar-coats, no fairytale fillers, no BS.. again, exactly as it is.


... And That's  The True Story Of How "Strip Club Seduction Secrets" Was Born...

      Here's a tiny sample of what you'll be uncovering inside:

  • Why strip clubs can actually be BETTER than bars and nightclubs  to pick up single women and get them to be your girlfriend.
  • Guaranteed "deal closers": Under-The-Radar fail-proof techniques for scoring her phone number EVERY TIME without fail, or arranging to meet her somewhere else after her shift ... without spending money.
  • Behind-the-scenes details on how strip clubs operate, how strippers really make their money, and the optimal times for you to visit -- and the best places to meet up with the girls after their shift.
  • The 7 secret "rules" about dealing with Strippers that will maximize your chance to score and drastically minimize the amount of money you spend.
  • The 9 things you must NEVER say when talking to a stripper (90% of guys use this word all the time, which totally kills the girl's interest!)
  • What a dancer's boyfriend profile is like and how you can quickly fit that mold and have dancers instantly attracted to you.
  • The best way to respond when she asks you, "do you want a dance?" to stand out, impress her and get her instantly turned on (Hint: it's not "yes," and it's not "no." I'll give you several super-effective lines to use, so that you skip the dance and immediately engage her in a playful, penetrating conversation.)
  • The 5-step surefire method to take her mind off of her job, and get her completely focused on you.
  • 6 "never-seen-before" breakthrough tactics for controlling the conversation with a stripper, so that you never play HER game, and bring her into YOUR reality instead.
  • The five secret methods for "teasing" strippers and making them want to impress YOU, instead of the other way around.
  • How to identify the phony "signals of interest" that strippers use to manipulate men... and how to know when her interest in you is REAL (it will be, if you use the tips in this guide!)
  • A step-by-step detailed explanation broken down and explained on the 8 intimate details you must get her to reveal, if you want her to feel a sexual connection with you.
  • Insights from real-life stripper friends of mine, about how they approach their job and the qualities they go for in men. (Their answers are going to shock you -- and all of these girls have dated regular customers before!)
  • An "underground" forum only known to dancers where real-life strippers post thousands of messages about their jobs, their customers, their problems, and their biggest turn-offs, and turn-ons... (this is the secret to understanding them, and using it to your advantage!)
  • How to immediately identify the different types of strippers (including
    the "Pro," the "Semi-Pro," and the "Rookie" and others)
    and use special tactics designed to penetrate their working barriers.
  • Where strippers hang out when they're not working, and how to use power techniques to pick them up in these other environments.
  • How to manage relationships with the strippers you date, and stay in control at all times.
  • How to use subconscious phrases to get her in a sexual, spontaneous, "loose" frame of mind with NO resistance right up the point she gets into your bed.
  • How to handle the crucial first three minutes of the interaction/conversation
  • How to build connections with gentleman's club employees (other than the dancers), so that whenever you visit the club, you have massive social status. 
  • The one word you must NEVER say when talking to a hot stripper (90% of guys use this word all the time, which totally kills the girl's interest!)
  • How to identify the phony "signals of interest" that strippers use to manipulate men... and how to know when her interest in you is REAL (it will be, if you use the tips in this guide!)
  • Breakthrough tactics for controlling the conversation with strippers, so that you never play her game, and bring her into YOUR reality instead.
  • PLUS much, much more!

But don't just take my word for it.

 Here Are Just A Few  Out Of The TONS Of Feedback That I've Received...

**(Customer Initials Used For Privacy Reasons)**


"Wendy (her name) called me days later and I'm going over to her place Thursday night!!"

"This is the info I've been searching for ages! I used to be one of those chumps who easily spent A TON of wad in clubs thinking they'd be impressed. Deep down, I knew they were just leading me on but there was always that lil' "voice" in my head that told me this girl might be different! BIG mistake.

The moment I read your book, it hit me on all the stuff I did wrong... no wonder I didn't get any! I gave it one last try going in to BD last night and ho ho ho.. I FREAKIN' DID IT MAN I GOT I BANGED MY FIRST STRIPPER! Me??!! lol. You know what? Wendy (her name) called me days later and I'm going over to her place Thursday night!!

You da man bro!"

~~ Guiseppe D, Engineer

"I've now successfully brought home 5 strippers to date (seriously!)"

"I had this one stripper chick whom I was super into and I kept "paying" her to for dances just to get her to notice me and it got me more "time" to get to know her. Sure enough, she gave me her number (I thought I was in!).

I called her several times and yes we indeed eventually went out but that was practically it. Nothing happened! Yea it was pure denial but after a while, I just felt that I was led on and "used".

After going through your material, I went back again, tried JUST TWO of your techniques on her and bam! She followed we home and gave me some of the WILDEST sex ever!

I've now successfully brought home 5 strippers to date (seriously!) Thanks man... couldn't have done it without your book."

~~ Jonas C, LA

"I'm now dating a BABE of a dancer... oh and she's only 22!"

"Excellent stuff! Dude... I'm 38 years old, slightly overweight and balding (hate it when I'm old!). I read your information and I'm now dating a BABE of a dancer... oh and she's only 22! My friends are now treating me like God and they want to know how I did it.

I got them to buy your stuff. That's the least I could do to thank you. Keep up the great work.. any chance of you coming out with a books on getting Asian women? I've always had a thing for them.. but the stuff I've been reading
doesn't seem to work!!"

~~ Gordon S, Amsterdam

"We've now been sort of an item for 3 weeks and I didn't have to take out one red cent cuz she makes FOUR times what I make!"

"I would never have imagined I would have a dancer as my sex "partner" but that's exactly what's happening right now! I'm just an average guy, but I followed exactly what you taught in your book and she just kept taking the bait... it was easy.. do this.. do this.. do this and before I knew it, we have having a RIOT back at her place!

We've now been sort of an item for 3 weeks and I didn't have to take out one red cent cuz she makes FOUR times what I make! I couldn't have been happier. Thanks dude your book rocks!"

~~ Flow X, Manila, Philippines

"18 days later, she's now MINE..."

"I've always wanted to have a hot girlfriend, I was never really satisfied with what I had before (I had girlfriends that were 6s at the most) and when I came across your website, it got me thinking... am I really settling? Could I do any better?

Your "black book" sounded too good to be true, but I gave it a go anyway. I'm telling you I was SHOCKED with what I saw... because what you wrote didn't make ANY sense at all!

Ok, I gave you the benefit of the doubt and I eventually went out and tried it, not so much in the clubs, but I tried it this one girl I've been eye-ing for for as long as
I can remember (she's AT LEAST a 9+ on my scale!).

She has always treated me as "one of the guys" and you know what? 18 days later, she's now MINE haha. Feel free to share my story with the rest of your subscribers.

I owe it all to you man!"

~~ Darren W, Sydney, Australia

"I've had sex with 9 of these super-hot babes without me spending a dime on lap dances, buying them gifts and all that bullshit nonsense to impress them at all."

"I can honestly say this is one hell of a book! I frequent these clubs a lot, and I can tell you from experience that I have yet to see ANY customer who gets to go home with them chicks.

I'm not going to write you a 5-page fan mail dude, but all I can say is THANK YOU!

Your stuff works and I'm a living, breathing testimony that if anyone were to just follow the steps laid out in your book, it CAN be done!

To date, I've had sex with 9 of these super-hot babes without me spending a dime on lap dances, buying them gifts and all that bullshit nonsense to impress them at all. Just good ol 'tricks' I've learnt from the master. lol.

We should hook up one of these days. Let me know when you're in my side of town."

~~ Doggy M, Manhattan

"Woman went from cold to kissing me in public to inviting me for dinner on Tuesday. She couldn't get the smile off her face."

Thanks to you guys, I'm really putting it together now. It is freakin' amazing, feels like invincibility. I was out with a solid 8 tonight, by any standard. Super cute, smart, rich, worldly girl. Very sexy and stylish. 30 - I'm 34. I focused on talking about all my travels and experiences and food and fashion - and telling the stories that make me sound loyal etc... the stuff Dean teaches us to focus on. Woman went from cold to kissing me in public to inviting me for dinner on Tuesday. She couldn't get the smile off her face.

It's all a f*cking science. It can be taught, and practiced, and learned.

I'm sure you don't need to hear this, but never underestimate the significance and importance of what you do. Money and vagina are the two forces that control the world, and you two have one of those covered.

Bravo to you two, and much success and happiness to you in the New Year. May you become fabulously wealthy with your business many times over. I've dropped a few hundred bucks on your materials - probably worth $100k. Heck, some lame rich dudes would pay millions for the fun I've had.


-- Tony F

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  • The tests a woman will give you when you are “getting physical” and how to pass them… even if you aren’t aware that you are being tested at the time

  • How to ask a woman how to please her best without looking like you are inexperienced or clueless (Women actually LOVE when a man asks them how to give them pleasure… but you have to do it right!)

  • ... and a bunch more!

Bonus #3:

"How To Sexually Attract & Date Super Hot Younger Women: Carlos Xuma" -- (Value:$99.95)
      The nation's #1 dating coach, Carlos Xuma will reveal his bag o' tricks on how to successfully hook up with hot young women (for short/long-term even one-night relationships) without suffering social weirdness and seeming "creepy" or immature.

      (Remember: In strip clubs, you'll usually be gunning for hotties who are 5, 10 or 20 years younger than you are).


Here, you'll discover:

  • The 7 secrets to attract hot young women (for short/long-term even one-night relationships) by impressing her as a fun, fascinating, charming “man of the world”…but with a mischievous “edge” that gets her sexually curious and aroused.

  • The essential "Inner Game transformation" and mental adjustments you must make in order for younger women to feel a connection with you and quickly destroy the "age gap" in her mind

  • The proven 3-step formula for dating with a younger woman - and dazzle her while keeping your spending to a minimum. (Forget about buying gifts and taking her to a fancy restaurant! He will show you a much easier, more effective method).

  • How to frame yourself as a man of high VALUE, "turn the tables" and get them to be eager to impress YOU and view you as a PRIZE, (this has nothing to do with your net worth)

  • ... and many more!

Bonus #4:

"Demystifying, Decoding & Mastering The Art Of Attraction: Carlos Xuma" -- (Value: Priceless!)
      To have STREAMS of quality women in your life, it's critical for you to pinpoint & sharpen your skills of giving women EXACTLY what they want the very instant you meet them.

      This jaw-dropping report will help you "cheat the system" and teach you:

  • How to flip a woman's subconscious “attraction switches” and create a powerful feeling of attraction for YOU that she can’t explain

  • A proven way to “keep the power” as you're chasing a woman and guarantee that YOU are in charge… (When she's afraid of losing you, she'll make it as EASY as possible for you to get her WITHOUT playing "head games")

  • How to bring out the BEST parts in your authentic personality that emotionally connects with a woman to get her feeling comfortable, relaxed and oozing with fantasies of being "together" with you 

  • How to transform into a woman's MAN and rid yourself of the needy “boy” inside of you (when you're with a woman you REALLY like) that almost always RUINS your game with her.

  • ... plus much more!

Bonus #5:

"Raw, Uncut And X-Rated: How To Seduce ANY Stripper In 24 Hours... Guaranteed!" -- (Value: $39.95)
I started dating a beautiful 24-year old before she decided to become a stripper! I saw everything she went through (the good and bad) during her journey to becoming one of the HIGHEST paid dancer in LA.

During this time, I sneakily crept in to become "one of the gang", and learned stuff from her stripper friends that they would only share with a closest "sistas" (I'm still good friends with - and have slept with - many of them.)

My trials, tribulations and successes with them, condensed for your perfect learning experience:
  • How to bypass her top 5 excuses (eg. "Sorry sweetie, I don't date customers")... and show her that you're the kind of guy she would want to date (or go out and have fun with.)

  • How to completely shut down her "stripper talk" by showing her that you are an "insider"... that you are "in on the secret"...and get her to treat you differently than the rest of the chumps in the club!

  • How to cleverly show her that you are the "stripper boyfriend" type and that, unlike most guys, you can handle dating a woman like her!

  • ... and much, much more!

WARNING!: After  , I Reserve The Right Pull This Information Off And NEVER Reveal It Again.

      We don't want too many people discovering this information.

      It would be like giving GUNS to school children. This information is THAT powerful.

      Since I started using these techniques, I've gotten marriage proposals from every woman I've used them on.

      The Pimp-Meister not only gets marriage proposals, but these women gladly showers him with fancy clothes, expensive gifts, cars, and even HOUSES.

       (I'm not kidding).

      They are not used to being treated this way by a man at all. Once they've "tasted" the Pimp-Meisters' secret "charms", they simply DON'T WANT any other man!

      And women talk. So we also have all their FRIENDS trying to seduce us too!

      The really funny thing is, the moment you know how to hit their "soft spots", the more they'll want to be with you and PLEASURE you.

Imagine If EVERY Guy Out There Had This Kind Of Power...

      The entire stripping industry will go bust!

      Strip club owners (and the dancers themselves) have made every effort possible to keep this information from you (and for good reason, the more people that find out about this.. the less money these clubs rake in night after night).

      Because this information is now available to the public, I am what can only be considered a MARKED MAN.

      I've already been banned from a number of these places as I'm typing this.

      For this reason, I don't know how long I will be able to keep this information available. That is why I can't guarantee you will be able to get this book after

Why You Know You WANT This...

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Guaranteed To Work ANYWHERE In The World...

      Secrets of Strip Club Seduction was developed by picking up exotic dancers around the world - throughout the United States, Asia, Europe, Central America, South America... EVERYWHERE.

      Scores Club. Gentlemans clubs in Baltimore. Gold Gentlemans Club. Vegas Gentlemans Clubs. Deja Vu Club and Spearmint Vegas ... no matter where you go, the game remains the same.

      No matter where you live, what you look like, or what you do for a living, these  techniques have been filed-tested and proven to help ANYONE to connect with strippers and any exotic dancer on an highly-charged, sexual level the instant you meet her.

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