How To Flirt In A Strip Club

Creating attraction with a stripper comes down to ONE thing: Knowing how to flirt. If you can flirt effectively, you can talk to the most beautiful women in strip clubs -- or anywhere, for that matter -- on a level that most men simply do not understand.

Flirting isnít about asking her a bunch of questions. And itís not about agreeing with everything she says and trying to demonstrate how "compatible" you are with her.

What flirting REALLY comes down to is creating sexual tension. It's knowing how to walk the fine line between teasing a woman (busting on her a little, and making her feel she's NOT cool/sexy/smart/interesting enough to date a guy like you), and also sending signals that you're a fun, playful, sexual guy she can totally picture herself with.

You also want her to feel like ANYTHING can happen tonight...and if she surrenders her inhibitions and goes with your flow, you are going to give her a night to remember.

So if you want to attract strippers on an AUTHENTIC level, the best way to make an impression is to NOT compliment her, or act like you are fazed by her beauty in any way.

Youíll find that subtly teasing and bantering is one of the BEST ways to break down a stripper's "barriers," and get her to start connecting with you on a real level.

A favorite technique of mine comes from the infamous pickup artist "Sinn," who is a famous figure in the "seduction community" -- the websites and Internet message boards where guys gather to exchange tips and thoughts about picking up women.

Sinn encourages guys to act ďas if.Ē He came up with this technique because a lot of guys who come to his seminars are uncomfortable when Sinn explains how to properly flirt with a woman.

Proper flirting means being brash, playful, and a bit cocky. It means not being afraid to TEASE a woman, no matter how hot she is.

Well, a lot of students who are new to "the game" resist this type of coaching. They say, "I can't talk to girls like that. It just isn't me." "I can't act that way with a woman -- I don't have the confidence." etc.

So what Sinn does is, he tells these guys to take out a pen and a piece of paper, adn write down the answers to these questions. (I want you to do the same right now):

How would you act if...

  • you didnít have approach anxiety?
  • you werenít intimidated to talk to beautiful women?
  • you knew that every girl liked you?
  • you knew that being with you was the best possible choice that any girl could make?
  • you really were The Man with women, and you could have you
  • choice of any woman you wanted?

If this was your reality, I guarantee you'd have a much more playful, cocky attitude about women. You wouldn't take it so seriously. One of the keys to being a really good seducer is to BECOME the "As If" guy.

When you've got this loose, playful vibe, you can HAVE FUN with the conversation and do the unexpected.

If she asks, "what do you do?"

You could answer:

  • "I'm an ass model."
  • "I'm a lion tamer."
  • "I'm a professional alligator wrestler."
  • "I'm a stunt man for porno movies."
  • If you're not the "conventionally handsome" type, you could say:
  • "I'm a go-go dancer at the gay club down the road. I'm Hercules, nice to meet you."

In my case, I'm a big, stocky white guy. I might say:

"I'm a hip-hop dance instructor. I could use a beer -- I've been training Michael Jackson all day. I tell ya, the guy's got two left feet."

These are just a few silly examples. Don't worry about trying to be super clever. Just be playful. By NOT answering her question directly, and turning it into a joke, you show her that you don't take things too seriously. This projects confidence.

It also sends the message that you talk to hot girls ALL THE TIME. This is natural for you. Think about how you behave when you talk with your buddies. When questions are asked amongst friends, we're always finding ways to turn things into jokes. Treat it the same way when a stripper tries to make "small talk" with you.

That's the first rule of flirting. To learn the ENTIRE step-by-step process for connecting with strippers and pulling off a successful strip club pickup, be sure to download your copy of Secrets Of Strip Club Seduction.

Your Wingman,

Dean Cortez

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